(Image above, British Museum, The Fishpool Hoard, c.1463-4, England)

A number of Centres at Trinity College Dublin have graciously agreed to fund this conference and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them all, including:

The Centre for Women and Gender Studies 

The Centre for Women and Gender Studies was established in Trinity in 1988 under the name the Centre for Women Studies. The aim of the Centre is to undertake socially relevant research from a feminist perspective, asking challenging questions about the type of society we have and the type of society we wish to create. Its overall focus is on issues of equality/inequality with specific emphasis on: Women and Ambition, Issues of Work Life Balance, Education and Gender Equity, Change and Diversity in Family Structures, Gender and Ageing, Barriers and Facilitators to Women’s Advancement, Masculinities, Sexualities, and Human Rights

 Medieval History Research Centre

Mdieval History Research Centre-12

The Medieval History Research Centre (MHRC) promotes research into the history of Ireland, Europe and the wider world in the Middle Ages. Our approach to the past is interdisciplinary, with a particular interest in digital humanities. MHRC has had a continuous existence since the 1960s, when James Lydon (who came to Trinity in 1959) founded a research seminar in medieval history. The seminar has run weekly in Michaelmas and Hilary terms ever since. At the core of the Centre is a thriving postgraduate and postdoctoral community of researchers. Our graduates excel and many have gone on to prestigious appointments in academic institutions across the world.

The Trinity Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies 

The Trinity Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (TCMRS), a Trinity Research Centre, aims to promote inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary collaboration between scholars working in the fields of Medieval and Renaissance studies both within and outside Trinity; and to raise the profile of Medieval and Renaissance studies at a national and an international level. Full details of the Centre’s activities, notably its Research Networks and referred publication series, ‘Court Cultures of the Middle Ages and Renaissance’, may be found on the research centre’s website.